'Best Town Ever'

A Mid-size city in the Southeastern US striving to set the standard

We are a city known for its innovative community and a robust infrastructure—a can-do attitude paired with the resources to get stuff done. In a vibrant, energetic city beaming with potential and opportunity, Chattanooga is an amazing place to live and grow your career.

Home to America's first gigabit-per-second, fiber internet service, Chattanooga has some of the fastest internet on this side of the Atlantic. Both organic and intentional collaboration hubs—like coffee shops and co-working spaces—drive work forward while promoting citywide growth and innovation.

This city was historically defined by its strong manufacturing arm and the railroad network—today, our city is an international destination for manufacturing while also being a global leader in sustainability and environmental stewardship. International companies like Volkswagen and Amazon chose Chattanooga after searching for the best place to invest while locally grown startups like Variable Technologies and Ambition have attracted attention and business from around the world.

Desk and Stuff

Located in the southeastern corridor of the United States, the Chattanooga lifestyle is unrivaled. Named 'The Best Town Ever' by Outdoor Magazine, the surrounding mountains and waterways provide an outdoor adventure while a thriving local music and arts scene flourish in a downtown that continues to grow.

More importantly, Chattanooga is a place where good ideas can make a big impact. Through a process of public-private partnerships, intentional community planning, and social investment, this city has been most directly shaped by those who stepped up and took action. That culture of participation is what really makes Chattanooga special—a city where anyone is welcome to share ideas and change happens when neighbors come together to pitch in.

So much has happened in the last four decades—from our gorgeous 11-mile riverwalk to the first LEED Platinum automotive manufacturing plant in the world—but we're already thinking about the next four. We’re putting together a team of talented people with a commitment to innovation, and we’d love to have you join us in our journey to building a better city.

Change a City

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